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Farringdon Minibus Hire operates 8 seater 12 seater 14 seater 16 seater 24 seater 30 seater 36 seater 49 seater 72 seater Coach Hire and minibuses in London. We travel to Bournemouth Beach and Brighton Beach and Southend Beach. We have Executive Mercedes minibuses which come with free Wifi -Reclining Seats- Usb ports- Separate luggage Boot, Air con .
We will provide a pick up and drop off service in your area and will transfer you to the Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton Airport.  Farringdon is covered under the postcode district of EC1.  Number 1 rated Minibus Taxi & Coach service.

Farringdon Minibus and Coach Hire can provide you with cheap minibuses and also cheap coach hire as well as taxis.  Minibus London has been in operation for a long time and has gained much recognition over the last few years.

Farringdon is an area based in central London and it is part of the City of London.  It is regarded as historic and can also be divided into the Farringdon Without and also the Farringdon Within.  There are many other places with the same name and we must distinguish it from them.  There is much debate over its borders and the area has a history which goes back to the year 1394.

The key features we can expect from coaches and minibuses include full insulation, servicing, side lighting and sunroof.  If you have any queries in relation to luggage requirements then please do not hesitate to contact our helpline number.  London Minibus can provide transport services to all key landmarks within the area.

We have a telephone helpline who will help in all enquires as well as take bookings.  Our operations team will deal with all emails as well as carry out all the administrative duties.

Some of the services we provide are:

10 Seater Minibus

A minibus is a commercial vehicle which has been purpose built for group journeys. It needs to be differentiated between a mini-coach and also a regular bus. A 10 seater minibus will fall in one of the lowest seating categories. Minibuses are normally available in 8 seater ranges and go right up to the 30 seater capacity.

12 Seater Minibus

A 12 seater minibus option is extremely popular as a taxi sharing service as well as for family journeys to birthday parties, christenings, weddings and stag nights out. It should be differentiated from a much larger mini coach or a regular bus.

14 Seater Minibus

A 14 seater minibus is another popular minibus range and can cater for all sorts of needs. This much be differentiated from a mini coach and we have experienced many bookings from firms and families.

16 Seater Minibus

A 16 seater minibus is also deemed very popular and many of our clients have informed us that it remains a good size for many group bookings. It is considered mid category and will have a decent amount of room for all passengers and also for extra storage.

24 Seater Minicoach

A 24 seater minicoach is still considered mid-range but it will possess a good inside space as well as many distinct features.

36 Seater Coach

A 36 seater coach can be classed as a large commercial vehicle which will be spacious and it will offer many amenities. It will be ideal for many events and can work out as a convenient and safe way to travel.

49 Seater Coach

A 49 seater coach is a large vehicle for commercial use and it can offer ample space as well as many excellent features. It is actually one of the popular vehicles when it comes to booking a coach as it can be classed as mid-range if we consider coaches on their own.

72 Seater Coach

A 72 Seater coach is a large commercial vehicle which will have many excellent features as well as large inside space. It will be suitable for all journeys that require such a size and this will definitely have to mean that a very large group must be making the booking.

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